Frittata Caprese

AED 35

Garden vegetables mix inside an egg souffle whit feta cheese and spinach

Turkish Eggs

AED 42

Turkish guvec, eggs sunny side up with hummus and yogurt” dip

Avo-Benedict Eggs

AED 39

Eggs, avocado 'hollandaise', toast, turkey breast and spinach

Boosted Eggs

AED 39

Poached egg on potato rosti with smoked salmon and avocado mash

Brain-food Eggs

AED 40

Scrambled eggs on toast, with cheese, kale and walnuts

Avocado on Toast

AED 35

Mash avocado, tomato, creamy feta cheese on sourdough toast
Add 2 poach egg for only 4 AED more

Egg Sandwiches Three Ways

AED 42

Three types of bread stuffed whit: one with egg and mayonnaise, second with egg, sweet chilli sauce and fresh tomato and third with egg, aioli, dried tomato and capers

Sunrise Croissant

AED 28

Crispy croissant, scramble eggs, mash tomato and cheese

971Six Croissant

AED 28

Crispy croissant, egg sunny side up, turkey breast and cheese

Avo Bowla-Rama

AED 58

Creamy acai pulp, avocado, granola and mix berries whit vanilla ice cream


Philly Chicken Steak Sandwich

AED 65

Tomato baguette stuffed with corn-fed chicken breast, caramelized onions, brown mushrooms, provolone cheese, baby rocket and cheddar sauce

Scrumptious Steak Sandwich

AED 62

Onion baguette stuffed with angus beef strips, avocado, caramelized onions, parmesan cheese, baby rocket and aioli

Garlic Mushrooms Jaffle

AED 45

Tasty crispy panini stuffed with mushrooms, mozzarella and bresaola

Roast Beef Jaffle

AED 47

Tasty crispy panini stuffed with roasted beef, fresh radicchio and creme fraiche

Chicken Jaffle

AED 47

Tasty crispy panini stuffed with baked chicken, sundry tomato and creamy cheese


Crunchy Chicken Salad

AED 54

Asian mix leaves, marinated corn-fed chicken, cherry tomato, mango, walnuts, parmesan and coconut, curry and lemon dressing

Roasted Potato Salad

AED 45

Baked baby potato, chickpeas, sweet corn, homemade pickled beetroot, mix seeds and black truffle dressing

Bellugia Mia Salad

AED 54

Baked corn-fed yellow chicken, pikeled beetroot, rucola and yogurt tasty dressing

Panzanella Salad

AED 51

Shredded roast corn-fed yellow chicken, mozzarella cheese, croutons, cherry tomatoes and signature tasty dressing

Sharing Plates:


AED 75

Tender burrata accompanied by a delicious basil sauce and strawberries

Mushrooms & Prawns

AED 62

Tasty prawns, portobello mushrooms and creamy hummus

Salt & Pepper Calamari

AED 41

Crispy squid with spicy smoked mayonnaise

Tandoori Chicken Crostini

AED 36

Tandoori corn fed chicken, crostini with pineapple and cucumber sauce


AED 41

Italian crunchy pane Carasau, bresaola, bocconcini and balsamic glaze


AED 32

Avocado & beetroot dip with italian grissini

French Fries & Dip

AED 18

Hand cut french fries and homemade signture dip

Main Course:

Steak Bearnie Avo-Style

AED 110

Tender Rib Eye with a avocado and estragon cold souce accompanied stir-fried vegetables

Tenderloin Collinet

AED 144

Soft tenderloin accompanied by a bearnaise sauce with the touch of lemon and thyme and roasted ranch potato whith bacon and Monterey Jack sauce

Chicken Pumpkin Tagine

AED 73

Corn fed chicken, marinated in chermoula and cooked slowly inside the pumpkin, accompanied by creamy almond risotto

Salmon & Mash

AED 87

Slow cook salmon file with its crispy skin accompanied by smooth avocado,parsnip and potato mash


AED 72

Corn fed chicken breaded with almonds accompanied by creamy cheese fresh pasta

Pasta Rossa

AED 65

Your choice fresh pasta cooked together with corn fed chicken and a delicious pink souce

Pasta & Prawns

AED 77

Your choice fresh pasta cooked together with prawns and zucchini with a delicious homemade pesto sauce

Pasta Funghi

AED 86

Your choice fresh pasta cooked together with bresaola and a delicious salsa di funghi

Seafood Risotto

AED 77

Carnaroli risotto prepared with the best selection of seafood, flavored with fennel and zucchini

Elvis Burger

AED 74

Prime angus beef burger paprika patty, stuffed with cheese mix, covered whit signature tapenade, pickled pickles and chopped salad accompanied by hand-cut French fries

The Hix Chicken Burger

AED 72

Corn-fed yellow chicken burger, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, covered whit signature forest sauce accompanied by hand-cut French fries

Explosive Sliders

AED 60

Prime angus beef burger paprika patty, stuffed with cheese mix, covered whit signature cheese souce, baked pappers and chopped salad

Even Sliders

AED 58

Corn-fed yellow chicken burger, stuffed with mozzarella cheese, covered whit signature cheese sauce


Sautéed Vegetables, Mash Potato


Special Menu of the Day

AED 125

Ask our waiter about it

Kids Meal:

Miniburger Meal

AED 43

Angus beef burgers sliders accompanied by hand-cut french fries and homemade ketchup

Fish Fingers Meal

AED 37

Tasty hammour accompanied by french fries hand-cut and homemade ketchup

Spaghetti Bolognese Meal

AED 43

Homemade Bolognese sauce made with angus beef, authentic Italian tomato and homemade fresh spaghetti

Homemade Nuggets Meal

AED 48

Homemade corn-fed yellow chicken nuggets with hand-cut french fries and homemade ketchup


Plain Croissant AED 10
Chocolate Croissant AED 11
Pistacho Croissant AED 12
Almond Croissant AED 13
Brownies & Vanilla Ice Cream AED 14
Lemon Tart AED 15
Malva Pudding AED 16
Waffle AED 17
Apple, Lemon, Ricotta Pancake AED 18
French Toast with Peanut Butter AED 19
Nemalaka Choco Tart AED 20
Strawberry Cheesecake AED 21

Fresh Juices:

Orange Juice AED 22
Pineapple Juice AED 22
Green Apple Juice AED 22
Grapes Juice AED 22
Watermelon Juice AED 22


Jasmine Green Tea AED 15
Chamomile Tea AED 15
Peppermint Tea AED 15
Earl Grey Tea AED 15
English Breakfast Tea AED 15
Lemon grass & Ginger Tea AED 15


Espresso AED 18
Picolo AED 19
Cappuccino AED 22
Latte AED 23
Flat White AED 23
ESP Macchiato AED 19
Cortado AED 22
Americano AED 20
Spanish Latte AED 26
Afffogato AED 27
Ice Latte AED 26
Ice Cappuccino AED 25
Hot Chocolate AED 20
Black & White Mocha AED 25
Ice Black Mocha AED 30
Ice Caramel Cappuccino AED 28
Chemix Single AED 25
Chemix Double AED 26
V60 Single AED 26
V60 Double AED 45

Soft Drinks:

Coca Cola AED 11
Fanta AED 11
Sprite AED 11

Dolomia Water:

Still water small AED 12
Sparkling water small AED 12
Still water big AED 19
Sparkling water big AED 19

Milk Shakes:

Vanilla Milk Shake AED 29
Chocolate Milk Shake AED 29
Banana Milk Shake AED 29
Strawberry Milk Shake AED 29


971Six Sunrise AED 35
Mixed Berries Quenchers AED 38
Green Apple Mojito AED 36
Passion Fruit Mojito AED 36
Piña Colada AED 32
Virgin Mojito AED 31
Passion Ginger AED 22
Sparkling Apple AED 22
Ginger Breeze AED 22